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Order Minimums:

Books - one book   Everything Else - $20 not including S/H


Shipping Charges in the USA:

Standard Ship is now $10 for small packages, $15 for larger such a caps, $25 for tunics or other larger stuff.  Usually this covers the Priority Mail and Insurance.  But I only insure for FHQ product value or labor value, so if you want the tunic you sent insured you need to talk about this. 


Shipping Charges Outside of the USA:

  Online Payment Method purchases shipped outside of the USA go Express Mail, with insurance for the value of the goods and matching customs document.    Standard fee on this starts at $30 and move up with value.  If your item is heavy or large, then it will be more. 


Here is one that makes me sad, but I can't take the hit.  Service members here is the deal, APOs are loosing items and not using the tracking tags that they agreed with the US Post to use.  If you Online Payment Method and the APO/FPO looses it I take the hit.  No more.  Has to go Express Mail tracked and signed for.


If you are sending payment by post include Your Email & Smail Address!


There is no electronic or print order form at FHQ! 

FHQ is like a little militaria shop, you need to wander the cyber isles and pick out what you want and then come see me up front, email and I let you know status, cost, shipping, etc.



How Long Will My Order Take?

  FHQ fills your orders from a number of sources around the world, that is why we can offer the quality and variety that we do.  Many of these sources are one man or mom & pop operations working at this as a second income or sideline job.  That is exactly what FHQ is.  Please, be patient with orders as these folks are working hard to meet our needs and we are working hard to meet your needs.

FHQ strives to keep you up to date on the status of your order - that is a beauty of cyber business - but we are small and  may not get to you as fast as you feel necessary.  Not a problem, please email for an update.

If you have questions about how we do business, please feel free to ask!


If you have an email address, include it in your Smail orders or inquiry.  We can't return letters without a SASE, this just is not in the budget.  FHQ is on the web, let's communicate there.  It sure makes us sad to not be able to let customers know that their item is backordered or that they need to make a choice about waiting or substituting.  All we can do is refund all or part of their order.  Help us help you!  Send along your email address each time!  Some of the volk that make these replicas don't have email, they use Smail so filling your special request takes weeks, please don't add to the weeks by using only Smail yourself!  If you don't have email, send a point of contact that does, ask them to write their address. Thanks!


Customs Declaration- Please don't ask for a false customs declaration.  Here are the whys on this.  Soldat FHQ is legit business that pays all the taxes & fees levied on our end.   Do I like all of them?  No.  Do I work in the political process to help cut them?  Yes.  Will I "fix" your declaration so you won't get tagged by your country?  No.  Handle your tax and customs issues via your political process.    So, please don't ask Soldat to "fix" the value for you.


Return Policy

No returns or cancellations on anything custom or special ordered.

No returns on aged items.

. We offer a 3 day inspection with no questions asked return on stock items.  After that we will work with you on  a case by case basis.  We are the final word on if an item has been altered or damaged and reserve the privilege to say no to your return.

Items sent back without prior approval are subject to credit refund only.

You pay return postage.  Returns may be subject to 15% fee, this will be on a case by case basis (mostly customer attitude and prolonged suffering on our part)  I call the ball, people who pull this are 1 in a million, so I won't miss them!



Mail - Please all postal correspondence with prepaid return envelope.  Put your email address in your letter!  Please, put your shipping address clearly printed on your order!  Don't use some script or oddball writing, plain printing is great!

Phone - Call 406-293-9630, usually 9 - 5 Mountain Time will find me here Monday - Friday.  If you get a busy signal it means I'm on line or on the phone.  Try again.  If you get the machine speak clearly and slowly. 

  Email  the medium you are reading this on is the way to do business, email us at SOLDAT FHQ!  We check this 3 - 7 times a day.



I'm no longer taking Credit Cards. Contact me regarding Online Payment Method.

Money Order, Bank Check, or Cash-Only in US Dollars

Send to: SOLDAT FHQ  343 Rustic Ave.  Libby, Montana 59923 USA. 

  Unfortunately, FHQ took our last hit on trusting newer customers on personal checks.  We will now hold your order until we know the funds have cleared your bank and entered out account.  It is a sad thing for us to have to do, but it is also sad to get cheated.  So, like many other things in our world, the honest carry the deadbeats' load.  If you are a regular FHQ customer, this will not apply to you.   We will be post the list of deadbeats so you can know who is trustworthy.

This is a FamLee operation, and like FamLee you treat us right and we'll do likewise.

If SOLDAT FHQ can help you in any way, let us know. While we don’t list it here now we probably have access to what you want - please ask!