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Urkundenamt der SOLDAT FHQ

Updated 14.6.12

Feldpost & Dienststelle Stamps!

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SOLDAT FHQ's Stamps are vailable for $35.00 each.  The SOLDAT FHQ stamp is used on our post, and shows that you can have anything you want in stamps - such as divisional symbols in place of eagle and swastika for you units post. 

Contact SOLDAT FHQ for details on obtaining your unit's Stamps!

SOLDAT FHQ will produce your unit's stamps for documents, Soldbucher, equipment, etc!  Copies of originals or slight fantasy pieces, your wants come true!  You tell SOLDAT FHQ the feldpost or unit and you get it!

Combat & Proficiency Award Documents

Documents to complete your impression or fill in collection holes.   SOLDAT FHQ documents are the creation of the firm Karl Lehmann & Sohn.   Beautifully reproduced on period like paper.  SOLDAT   FHQ will fill these out to your specifications or leave them blank.

Kreigsurlaubsschein!  Put yourself on leave! Double Sided! $5.00

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Kriegsmarine U-Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze or Silver - $3.00

Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge - $3.00

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Knight's Cross - $3.00 each

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves - $5.00 each

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Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords - $5.00 each

German Cross in Gold or Silver - $5.00 each

Single Handed Destruction of a Tank in Silver or Gold - $3.00 each

Sniper’s Badge First, Second, or Third Class - rare - $3.00 each

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Sniper Training Course Completion Certificate - rare -$3.00 each

Iron Cross 1st and 2nd  - $3.00 each

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Ost Front Medal - $3.00 each

Wound Badges - in black, silver, or gold - $3.00 each

Dwound.jpg (16893 bytes)

Infantry Assault - in bronze or silver - $3.00 each

General Assault - $3.00 each

Close Combat - in bronze, silver, or gold - $3.00 each

Nahkpf.jpg (9253 bytes)

Parachute Qualification Badge - Heer or Luftwaffe - $3.00 each

Luftwaffe Ground Combat - $3.00 each

Anti-Partisan - in bronze, silver, or gold - rare -  $5.00 each

Many more!

Didn't see the document you wanted just ask

  Document Completion

 SOLDAT FHQ will fill out your documents & age them to blend in with your collection or impression for $18 per document inclusive of the document.

SOLDAT FHQ Document Starter Set

Your unit feldpost stamp, 5 Assault Badge documents ( Infantry, General, or Panzer), 5 Black Wound Badge documents, and 5 Iron Cross 2nd Class documents for $55.00!  That's a $25.00 savings!