Der Kriegsberichter

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Wolfgang Streitbürgher worked as a successful photographer in Berlin, near the Brandenburgertor, until he enlisted 15 April 1943.   Making use of his trade the Army assigned him as a photographer and field correspondent with the KB Zug.  Born in December of 1905 he was baptized in the Roman Catholic church.  His wife, Pia, whom he met during a photo session presently resides with her family in Westfalen.  Wolfgang is Robert Kelleher who is a successful attorney in Billings, Montana.  Bob has been collecting militaria for over 25 years.

It is important to SOLDAT FHQ that reenactors that are geographically separated from major units still be able to link up & participate in major events.  To this end FHQ embarked to form a unit for such a group.  Working with 3. Panzergrenadier Division this concept has been brought into reality.  Attached to 3. PGD as the Kriegsberichter Zug members from all over the world (presently the US and Australia) will be able to participate in events such as Fort Indiantown Gap and other major actions!

KB Zug members are not restricted to working behind the camera producing quality photos for SOLDAT!  As each member must provide photographic proof that their personal, uniform, & equipment authenticity is fully within 3. PGD regulations, they can fight with the Grenadiers as well!  KB Zug members are required to provide FHQ with full length photos of their impression as well as their 1st person persona.  If these pass muster, their application is accepted. At this point all members speak German, an added touch of authenticity. 

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Rudi Loeffler was born in Hannover 5 Dec 1907, the son of Georg & Katrin Loeffler.  His pre-military occupation was as a cobbler, by which he supported his wife Helena and child Rosa. Rudi is Patrick Urquhart of Queensland, Australia.  The most western member of the KB Zug he is a graphic artist & works in films as a costumer & historical consultant.  __________________________________________

The Zug went to Atterbury in early Okt.   The fotos are at Atterbury '99 - '00.  We had a great time with the 20th Century TSG folks, LSSAH, and the FJ.   We also captured loads of images that will find there way into SOLDAT Volume XII - The German Reenactor's Handbook.

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Wolfgang with LSSAH.

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Karl with the FJ.  Incase you are wondering, we bought the Sonnenbrille while in Biarritz.  Sometimes KB life is tough.  They are correctly recorded in our Soldbücher on page 7.


Understandably, Zug members don't often get together.  When Zug member Wolfgang Streitbürgher invited FHQ to Billings, Montana for a photo shoot and Kuble fun I couldn't resist!  Using Wolfgang's son, Mattias, and friend we staged ...

"Moving Forward!" 

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The area must be secured as the Divisional Commander wants FHQ up front!   The young grenadier lieutenant leads his men into the ruins adjacent to what remains of the built up area.

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The enemy has pulled back!  Meeting no more resistance, they move forward to secure the buildings!

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The Commander arrives and KB Zug goes into action

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The Commander provides direction!

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Pause machen!

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FHQ is on the move to check the forward positions.  Photos by Kevin Poole.