The people or business listed below have not paid their bills, bounced payment, or otherwise acted in a dishonest manner in dealing with SOLDAT FHQ.  All have been contacted, given chances to make things right but they deliberately choose not to.  If you deal with these people or firms do so with caution, what they do to one they will do to others.  We appreciate any input you may have on those listed below.  We appreciate any help on collection as well.  SOLDAT FHQ does not forget those who deal with us  honorably, nor those who deal with us dishonorably.

The Soldat FHQ Dead Beat Alert!

Date: 3.2.11

Deadbeat:  the list is empty

Thanks to all who have let us know that they read this page and are thankful to know who is not on the up and up out there.  I encourage you to all post deadbeat lists on you personal, business & reenactment sites.  We don't do this with any malicious intent, we just want our part of the agreed upon deal. Nobody gets here without us going beyond the call to inform them of their debt and pilling up supporting documentation. 

I have been asked if we will ever do business with those who have made the list.  The answer is yes, but very carefully, probably only on a cash basis.  I have been asked if we will remove those on the list when they pay their debt.  Yes, I will upon the receipt of due funds.