Bunker Decorations


Steel SS Barracks Crest

SScrest.JPG (53033 bytes)

17 x14 inches 22 guage steel hand finished fitted for wall hanging.  No longer available, shown for reference only.

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Eagle Wall Decoration 10 x 15 inches $65, special S/H apply.

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Heer Standard Pole Top 28.6 cm high $35

Flags for your pole tops?

Bunk NSDAP Flag tops.jpg (15075 bytes)

Not shown but available NSDAP early style.  Shown Late Flag Pole Tops $35

Bunk KM and Party Flag tops.jpg (16084 bytes)

Kriegsmarine or Gold Party Flag Pole Tops $45

dec6.jpg (59660 bytes)

Desk Eagle Modeled on the giant eagle that dominated Nuremberg and many Nazi films.  Has a 6 x 3 inch marble base and stands over 7 inches high.   $95.  Special shipping applies.

dec eagle silver.jpg (10244 bytes)

Desk Eagle with silver plating and marble base. Same size specs.  $120.  Special shipping applies.  Plz check on this item.

dec7.jpg (42473 bytes)

Early SS VT helmet on marble base. This was worn by LAH, VT (became Das Reich), and TK units prior to the war.  4 x 5 inch base 2 3/4 inch high helmet.  Reference only.