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Medals & Awards


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Soldat's High Quality line of medals is Made in the USA

As SOLDAT FHQ brings out more new awards and decorations I will be placing all these items here. 

Neu! 1957 u. Denazified Decorations

1957 u. Denazified Decorations

Awards for Leadership and Valor

Iron Cross Series 1939

Ord_RKribbontie0001.JPG (316432 bytes)

Knight's Cross Neck Ribbon Tie with Iron Cross tail ribbon $30.

Rord Cross ribbon tie.jpg (17169 bytes)

Period neck ties for your Knight's Cross or any other neck award with solid color tail ribbon $25.

War Merit Cross Series 1939

Star of the Grand Cross 1939

German Cross

Heer u. Waffen SS

Combat Awards

Kraftfahr-Bewährungsabz (Motor Vehicle Driver's Badge of Merit)


Qualification & Combat Badges & Clasps


Kriegsmarine War Badges


Gestapo Disks

Polizie Awards

Wound Badges

1939 & Juli 20. 1944 Wound Badges

Ribbon Bars of all Branches

Ribbon Bars

Parade Bars

Campaign Awards

Campaign Shields

Campaign Medals

Unit Campaign Medals or "Fobs"


Pour le Merite

W.W.I & Freikorps Awards and Decorations

Star of the Grand Cross 1914

1914 Army & Naval Wound Badges

Für Treue Dienste in Der SS

SS Long Service Awards

Ehrenzeichen für Deutsche Volkspflege

Social Welfare Series 1939


Ord SS Dine Jkt Bar.jpg (5374 bytes)

SS Dining Jacket Bar Neusilber RZM Marked $22.50

German AcademyAeronautical Research Pin

Der Stahlhelm

Deutsche Order

German Eagle Order

NSDAP Long Service

Blood Order

Gold Party Badge

Political, Party & SA Day Badges


Reichsarbietsdienst Long Service

Reichsarbeitsdienst Weibliche Jugend (Female Labor Service)

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth Awards & Decorations

Reich Sports Awards

German & Foreign Sports Awards

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Cross, Condor Legion Tank Badge & Condor Legion Wound Badge

European Awards

European Awards

Award Cases

Award Cases


Commemorative Badges

Volkswagen Pins


FHQ can provide you with the Award Documents for most these awards - signed by appropriate leaders!

FHQ can age your badges to enhance their appearance & to enable them to blend into your original collection.  Only $5 per badge.