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   Your Uniform's Individual Historical Documentation

Professional Uniform Completion Services

Soldat Time Machine Professional Vintaging Services


 Erel Schirmmütz made in Germany by Robert Lubstein Custom Modified & Vintaged 


Restoration & Rescue!  Original & Replica Colleciton Items Restored, Modified & Vintaged


Buchhandlung  SOLDAT, In-Country & Other Books

Collection Sales Buy or Sell Uniform  & Militaria Collections



Ordenamt der Soldat FHQ  Top Quality Medals and Decorations

Official Rubber Stamps & Award Documents


Props From the Bunker


Erkennungsmarken u. Soldbucher   German Identity Tags & Books 

Kriegkunst der Soldat FHQ  Custom War Art, Post Cards & Prints


Bunkerkunst der Soldat FHQ  Historical Period Office Decorative Items


Stuff der Soldat FHQ  Historically Accurated Personal Items


Watch the Movie

 Last Letters from Monte Rosa, an award winning feature length film by Ari Taub.  Soldat FHQ is the credited souce of German costuming, interior & exterior bunker set design!  

Tagesbericht is the site update page with great info from the old days  

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Soldat STUFF II  

The Flying Tigers   A.V.G. 

Allied & US WWII - Vietnam Wings & Pins

Kustom Kulture Shop - Kool Biker & Hot Rod Items

Montana Sticks - Outdoor Products Made in Montana

'Retun To Honor'  A coming of age novel about a about a German boy who struggles with his personal spiritual beliefs while in the HJ and then fighting with SS-Panzer Regiment 12 in Normandy by LJ Elmore