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Polizei Insignia


abz_Pol_Gen_Ins_White0001.JPG (196299 bytes)

Neu! White General Sleeve Eagle & Pocket Runes!

Abz_Gestapodisk10001.JPG (100534 bytes)Abz_Gestapodisk20001.JPG (101149 bytes)

Struck, not cast!  Solid! Gestapo, Army Secret Field Police and Prussian State Police in nickel or in brass.

abz Pol slv diamond.jpg (5798 bytes)

BEVO Police Diamond for SS Uniform.  Backed and ready to sew.

abz Kustenpol slv cap 2..jpg (17587 bytes)

Neu! Marine-Küstenpolizei officer sleeve shield & cap device. 

abz Pol Markustpol.jpg (29268 bytes)

Marine-Küstenpolizei Cufftitle.

abz Pol Cap egls.jpg (37095 bytes)

Polizei Dienstmützabz.  Police Service Cap Insignia. 

 abz Pol Gen Insig.jpg (43577 bytes)

Generalmajor der Polizei-Shoulder broards, Sleeve Eagle, Collar Insigina early or late pattern. The green underlay on the boards is identical to the other insignia.

abz Pol Em Tabs.jpg (13092 bytes)

Polizei Collar Insignia Pair. 

Abz SD diamonds.jpg (14847 bytes)

Sicherheitsdienst Sleeve Diamonds (L-R) Officer with Gestapo Affiliation, Officer and Enlisted. 

Geheime Staatspolizei Warant Disks

Ord Pol Warrants Ft.jpg (15211 bytes)

Secret Police Badges of Authority that opened every door in the Reich!  L to R-Office for Security for the City of Danzig, Gestapo Centeral Inspection, and the Gestapo Disk $22.50 each 

Ord Pol Warrants Rr.jpg (92570 bytes)

Polizei Awards

ad40.jpg (107361 bytes)

The German Police or Polizei were organized like the military.  In some cases entire police units were moved into the Army and the Waffen SS and became combat units.  These badges reflect that paramilitary training.

Gendarmerie Hochalpine, Polizei Schiführer,   Polizei Berg Führer  $22.50, Cap Edel with Swastika $17.50

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