Kriegsmarine - German Navy Caps

The Karl Lehmann Line of crusher and Schirms are history, no longer produced.  I am leaving pics as reference for collectors.

What is available now?   Custom M43s are still produced by tailor, we'll need to talk about what we can do on your project.  I can also order Erel caps.  These are German made Erel, not pirate caps.

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Salty Erel caps just in from patrol (aged to about a 5) and just dolled up with new metal tunic eagle and anbord boat device the morning before the boat gets into port.  Tunic Eagle $22.50

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Want it looking like a 60 year old original?  Let FHQ age your cap!  Only $25.  Maybe the best $25 investment you'll make for the appearance of your collection! Note:  Our aged or special order (made to you size and specs)  caps are non-refundable.  If you are not pleased we will resell the cap for you and then refund or credit you account.  CL