Volkswagen Kubelwagen Replica for Sale


Kooblekar Kit on 1971 Chassis, 1641cc dual carb motor, off road transmission, IR rear end, coil over shocks x 4, replaced complete front end torsion system, hubs, brakes, brake cylinders.  5x mounted all weather, 5x mounted NDT tires & 4x hubcaps.   Freshly painted October 2011.  Licensed as 1944 Volkswagen with a  clean title.  $16,000 FOB Libby, MT, 59923

Photos of the paint job as it is happening on 12 Oct. 2011

Kubelsale100001.JPG (252630 bytes)

Just about done, need to detail the motor so it looks as good as the rest of the car.   The side windows are included, they are gray, not the color of the top.  The old top just gave it up and leaked, this one is total waterproof! 

Kubelsale40001.JPG (232127 bytes)

Interior shot showing the floor boards.  The heat DOES work!

Kubelsale110001.JPG (202805 bytes)

Mounted the plate bracket & both plates.  The Koobelkar fake Notek rear blackout light just sucked too much to put back on.  It is included in the total package if you buy the Kubel.  If the car is still around in Spring I will do something about at least putting on another brake/turn signal light. For now it is not an issue as the car is parked for winter.

Kubelsale90001.JPG (232909 bytes)

The otherside of the Kubel

Kubelsale60001.JPG (244940 bytes)

Another interior shot.  You can see the 3 point harness is missing.  Got those in a bag, not required here if not original equipment, not in 1944.   They are nice for off road though.  They come with the Kubel.

Kubelsale130001.JPG (210536 bytes)

The 1641 dual carb motor.  The mess of wires at the right are for a trailer plug in.  I need to tape them up.

Kubelsale120001.JPG (203229 bytes)

It would be a shame to do all this work & not protect the Kubel, so I bought a fancy car cover cut for a Thing.  Rain, snow & sun proof with a nice soft inside to not harm the finish.  You get this with the sale.

This Kube is a daily driver that I am putting up for sale to provide cash for other projects such as my Ford 56 F250.  To many toys, so this one can go to a new good home, it is kind of out of place here.

Over $5000 in the motor & transmission.  4x side windows & windshield cover.  2x complete sets of wheels & tires, hubcaps.  Extra Kooblekar parts such as rifle rack, rear Notek light, hub caps included.  Best of all is that there is no wait on Kooblekar to get your wagen finished.  I'm hearing things are pretty slow down there.

Want to know more?

  Here is a short vid taken by Brian when he spotted me down town.   You can see the 1641 goes pretty good!


Here is a Youtube of Will & I goin' off road. Lot of noise from the jack & stuff banging around in the boot.